Piracy Emergency Preparedness — Proper Emergency Procedures — Personal Emergency Precautions

Personalized classes conducted on site at your vessel by Brad Robinson

Recruited out of graduate school, Brad Robinson spent eleven years in the CIA's elite Directorate of Operations as a specialist in intelligence collection, counterterrorism and sensitive source recruitment. He acquired extensive area knowledge, linguistic skills and experience working undercover as a top clandestine operative and in dealing overtly with the highest levels of U.S. and foreign governments, military organizations and the private sector. Recipient of a number of CIA awards and commendations, Robinson was home-based in various European capitals but has been involved in highly-classified operations on nearly every continent. He left The Agency recently to form The Millennium Group, a security consulting firm specializing in yacht & maritime security and related training.

All of the above apply to the course we can teach you, please call to make arrangements for Brad to come to your vessel for personalized training. Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Special $4995.00 for captain and 3 Crew members. $295 each additional crew member.