Air Quality

The New Age of Hotel Cleanliness

With Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) hitting the forefront of headlines nationwide, there is a new wave of innovation coming to your favorite vacation destinations: Pure Rooms. People suffering from allergies, asthma, or who are just wanting to have the reassurance of a deeply cleaned and sanitized hotel room will be pleased to learn of this relatively new and inexpensive option starting to show up across the country. For travelers with sensitive respiratory systems, the sense of dread of discomfort from staying in an unsanitary hotel room may finally be put to rest.

At first glance, you may not notice any difference from a regular suite down the hall, but upon further investigation, you will begin to see what makes these rooms so unique. Because they are maintained with extreme attention to detail, these new Pure Rooms claim to remove up to 99% of pollutants from the air and environment. With freedom from bacteria, mold, dust mites, and bed bugs, you can now be assured that you’ll be able to sleep easy when you’re away from home.

Pure Room, with their 7-step, patent-pending process of sanitizing not only the room but also the air and environment as well, may just give you the most enjoyable stay you could imagine. The process includes surface and air cleaning systems designed to not only kill and remove harmful pollutants but also maintain the same level of IAQ throughout your stay. After every use of a Pure Room, a high ozone shock treatment is applied, which removes any lingering odors caused by smoke, mold, animals or just about any other type of unpleasant smell.

These rooms also pay particular attention to the bedding and mattress. Every Pure Room includes a hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements. These act as a barrier against dust mites and other potential contaminants. This is possibly the most important step of the process since the majority of time spent in the room will be in the bed itself.

One of the final steps in the preparation of the Pure Room is to apply a surface shield which bonds to all surfaces, making it impossible for bacteria to grow. This bacteriostatic barrier insures that your room is ready and virtually free from any IAQ pollutants.

On top of dedicating individual rooms to Pure Rooms, hotel companies are now beginning to dedicate complete wings and floors of hotels to these cleaner, more healthy suites. With the growing concern of IAQ and how it can affect certain individuals, this is a trend we are sure to see continue and expand over the next few years.

What type of clientele use Pure Rooms? Some have existing medical conditions that make them sensitive to allergens, mold and other concerns related to cleanliness, but many Pure Room guests don’t have any health issues at all. They are simply looking for the cleanest hotel room experience possible and enjoy the many micro-amenities offered by these types of rooms. A peace of mind for the many people who are uncomfortable with the cleaning standards applied to the average hotel room.

While the Pure Room experience does sound refreshing, it also comes at a cost. If you wish to reserve an experience in one of these cleaner than most rooms you can expect to pay an average of 15-20% more per night than you would for a regular room. The worthiness of such an environment has to be made by the guest, depending on their views and situation.

As the popularity of Pure Rooms continues to soar, you can expect to start seeing them become the norm in most hotels across the country. It’s just another sign of an increased awareness of our health and a positive step forward for the fight against poor Indoor IAQ.